SpaceX Interplanetary Transport

Re: SpaceX Interplanetary Transport

Postby NAB » Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:08 am

John Galt wrote:
NAB wrote:
spacemonkey wrote:My predictions is tourism in low earth orbit, and restricted to the mega wealthy.

I think there will eventually be a one-way launch option for those on a more regulated income. Start saving now.

musk's plan is a few hundred thousand dollars for a ticket, and it's one way. sell all your shit, get some loans (somehow, likely by lying) and you're off

I was thinking of more a glorified sling shot. No real destination, them.
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Re: SpaceX Interplanetary Transport

Postby spacemonkey » Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:43 am

John Galt wrote:
spacemonkey wrote:Till we get warp speed, our cosmic empire =low earth orbit, the moon, and maybe mars.

it only took 9 years to get to pluto. im confident we will have mining operations in the kuniper belt within 100 years, with or without bending space-time

we're on the cusp. elon musk wants to push us over the edge. he's an arrogant asshole but if he gets us to mars his name will be remembered for millennia to come. looking back in history, columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. for the next hundred years history mainly has failed attempts of colonization, and most colonies were in mesoamerica. but once one finally took hold in the north, it created an explosion of people moving from europe in search of terra nova. once it's shown it can be done, it will be done many times over

Nine years. The spaceship would have to be the size of a large warehouse just to hold the vittles.
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